Bible Study

Bible study is an opportunity to come together to study the word of God in accordance with the scriptural verse of Josh 1 vs. 8 and 2Tm 3 vs. 16 which states that all scripture is inspired by God for teaching, reproving, correction and for instructing in righteousness.

Our bible study program and activities are platforms for fellowshipping, praying, discovering together God’s promises for our lives, learning together, and also meeting each other’s need.

We aim at teaching you to discover the truth about God’s word and to apply it in your personal life.

We believe in the importance of Bible study to your growth in the Christian faith. Therefore, our bible study activities are aimed at helping you to grow in the knowledge of God’s word in a way that will bring visible changes in your life not minding the level of your faith in Christ. You are always welcome to join us in our various Bible study programs.

Below are some of our special Bible study programs perfectly tailored to meet today’s challenging needs.

Men’s Bible Studies

This is a Special Bible study program designed for men. It takes place once in a month, and it focuses on each book of the scripture, one at a time.

The aim of this specialised Bible study is to enrich and grow you in your new found faith in Christ. If you are a newcomer, you’re welcome to join us at all time.

Summer Bible Studies for Students

This is a Bible study program designed for students of middle and high schools. It is a summer program aimed at connecting students together through inspiring fellowship programs, Bible-based games, camping and other youthful activities aimed at keeping the mind and body whole.

Contact us for the procedures of enrolling your child/ward for the upcoming summer Bible study camping.

Women’s Bible Studies

This specialised Bible study for women takes place bi-monthly. It is a Bible study program designed for women to enable them to meet up with the challenges that come with the female gender and to strengthen them to cope with societal demands from the biblical viewpoint.

If you have any enquiries to make regarding the women’s Bible study, we will be glad to be of help.

Personal Bible Study

We understand the importance of personal Bible study to the growth of your Christian faith, we believe in a personal Bible study plan and in view of that, we have come up with a great study plan that will help you study the Bible in a year. You can download a personalized Bible study plan from our website or request for a copy from the Bible study unit.

Also, our weekly Bible study activities are tailored to develop in you a habit of personal Bible study.