Do you desire answers to the raging questions in your life? Do you desire someone to talk to? Do you feel hurt and neglected? Do you seek for counsel as a married couple? Is your family faced with situations and challenges that seem to defy solutions? Our doors are open at all times for counselling.

We are dedicated to maintaining a reputable standard in our counselling unit. Our counsellors work in line with the ethics of ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors in the UK) to make sure that you get the best in professional counselling.

Come in and seek for counselling with us. Our counsellors are well trained and sympathetic; they focus on the care of your body, soul and spirit using Bible standards and guidelines. Our aim is to help you gain a sense of focus in your new life found in Christ. It doesn’t matter who you are, your category in life, the race you belong to, or what you believe in. Our counselling knows no human boundaries, but seeks to make you whole and to realize the importance of the Love and Care of God in your life.

At the centre of our counselling is the desire to help you achieve a better understanding of yourself and God, deeply rooted in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We aim to create in you the awareness of the suffering caused by sin in your life and to make you aware of your worth and value to God knowing that He alone forgives all sin and makes us whole.

We believe in using the love, grace, forgiveness and the holiness of our Lord Jesus in resolving every issues and challenge brought before us in counselling.

You can get in touch with our counselling unit by paying us a visit for a one-on-one counselling, you can send us a message via email or any of our social media handle, engage in live chat with us through the live chat app on our platform, or you can choose to give us a call. Whatever means you choose, we will be looking forward to hearing from you.