We welcome offerings, tithes and donations from you in accordance with the scriptural verse of Luke 6 vs. 38 which encourages us to give to fund the work of Christ and to spread the gospel far and wide. And in so doing, we get back in a good measure what we have given only if we have given in faith.

Your offerings and donations go a long way in supporting the works and mission of Christ on Earth in various ways.

  • Catering for the needs of the less privileged amongst us

  • To fund the living expense of our Reverends, and pay the salaries of workers who have dedicated their time and commitment to serving the Lord

  • Payment of bills and utilities

  • Maintenance and support of schools and churches

  • Funding foreign missions

  • Printing and distribution of materials in the form of CDs, books, and booklets.

  • Carrying out community-based projects like building of playground, community centres, etc.

  • Disaster fund for people who have been a victim of natural disasters.

Offerings and Tithes

Offerings and Tithes are collected during Sunday worship service. We encourage you to give according to your ability as God does not look at the size of the offering, but at the intention of the heart that is making the offering. Luke 21 vs. 1-4, Ex 35 vs. 5.

We believe in accordance with the book of Malachi 3 vs. 10 which encourages us to bring in our tithes into the church. Tithing, in as much as it is an optional thing, we do encourage you to trust in the word of the Lord in Mal. 3 vs. 10 to test out the word of the Lord which promises to pour out on us the abundance of His blessings, and also, to rebuke the devourer.

We accept other donations to support the furtherance of the gospel of Christ. Such donations can be bequests, donation of properties, securities, etc.

Your gifts, donations, tithes and offering to the church are put to good use by the church and are well accounted for through high ethical practices, governing council, financial transparency and integrity and Biblical injunctions on finances.