Do you have inquiries to make, questions to ask? Complaints?

Matt. 7 vs. 7- 8 urges us to ask, and we shall receive, seek, and we shall find, knock and it shall be opened. In obedience to the above scriptural verse, we operate an open door policy that encourages you to walk into our church and make enquiries, we will be glad to furnish you all of the details you need.

Should you have questions to ask, we would be willing to answer your questions. You can also check our FAQs page for answers to questions you intend asking.

We also encourage you to use the live chat option on our webpage which is also as effective as you walk in for a one-on-one chat with us.

You can also reach us for inquiries, complaints, and requests through:


Dedicated helpline:

Social media handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube page.